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Published 17 August 2017

West Dunbartonshire residents are being encouraged to look out for one another on West Dunbartonshire’s roads following two fatalities in the last year.

The Be Safe Be Seen campaign is urging pedestrians, drivers and cyclists to ensure they are visible when walking and crossing roads particularly at night, on darker days or in poor weather.

The campaign, which will run until April, calls on pedestrians to wear fluorescent clothing or accessories by day and reflective materials at night. It has been developed by the Transport Safety Group which includes West Dunbartonshire Council Community Safety and Road Safety as well as Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

A person wearing reflective clothing can be seen by a driver using dipped headlights up to 200metres away, but the same pedestrian only wearing dark clothes could be just 10metres from the car before the driver sees them.

Drivers are also being targeted by the campaign and being reminded to focus their full attention on the road and look out for pedestrians, particularly the most vulnerable such as children and the elderly.

A series of adverts have been placed on buses asking drivers ‘Look can you see me?’ in a bid to remind motorists to be aware of vulnerable road users.

Councillor Patrick McGlinchey, Convener of Infrastructure and Regeneration, said: “I am fully supportive of this campaign. Wearing reflective or fluorescent clothing or accessories such as bags and hats or wearing lights especially during dusk or darkness and in poor weather could save your life.”

Councillor David McBride, Vice-Convener of Infrastructure and Regeneration, added: “This campaign targets residents of all ages including children. Reinforcing this message from a young age helps to ensure we keep all road users in West Dunbartonshire safe.”

Inspector Adam McKenzie, of Police Scotland, added: “Sadly three children have been knocked down and two local residents have tragically died on West Dunbartonshire’s roads over the last year. This is a stark reminder to us all of how vigilant we must be. Be Safe Be Seen is a simple message that wearing or carrying something bright lets drivers see us whilst reminding drivers to look out for pedestrians especially at night.”