Published 18 May 2017

West Dunbartonshire Council has formed its new administration following the recent local elections.

Councillor Jonathan McColl, who has been leader of the SNP Group for the last five years, has been appointed Leader of the Council and Councillor Caroline McAllister has taken up the role of Depute Leader.

Councillor William Hendrie has been named Provost and will act as the Civic Head and Convener of the Council and Councillor Karen Conaghan has been appointed Depute Provost.

A number of other senior appointments were also made:

  • Councillor Caroline McAllister has been appointed Spokesperson for Community Empowerment
  • Councillor Ian Dickson is Convener of and Spokesperson for Corporate Services:
  • Councillor Marie McNair has been named Convener of HSCP IJB and Spokesperson for Social Work and Health:
  • Councillor Karen Conaghan is Convener of and Spokesperson for Educational Services and Convener of the Appeals Committee:
  • Councillor Diane Docherty is Convener of and Spokesperson for Housing and Communities:
  • Councillor Iain McLaren is Convener of and Spokesperson for Infrastructure, Regeneration & Economic Development
  • Councillor Denis Agnew has been appointed Bailie and also Convener of and Spokesperson for Communications, Museums and Cultural Development
  • Councillor James Brown is Convener of the Licensing Board, subject to agreement of the Board
  • Councillor James Finn has been appointed Convener of the Tendering Committee and Convener of the Licensing and Planning Committees

Councillor McColl, who has served as a Councillor for 10 years, said: "I am humbled that the Council agreed unanimously to elect Provost William Hendrie, Depute Provost Karen Conaghan, myself and other Administration members to our posts. I am especially pleased to have Depute Council Leader Caroline McAllister by my side. Councillor McAllister has dedicated her life to being an advocate for those most in need of a voice, making her the perfect person to lead our Council's Community Empowerment efforts.

"Our 11 strong Administration team will provide stability for West Dunbartonshire, with every member of the team bringing wide ranging expertise and enthusiasm to their roles.

"As promised during the election campaign, I will be tendering my resignation from my current part time job, so that I can put all of my time and energy into being the Council Leader West Dunbartonshire needs.”

Depute Leader of the Council Councillor Caroline McAllister added: "We have an ambitious programme for West Dunbartonshire, to improve education and empower our communities. We will work to improve the everyday frontline services accessed by our residents and in everything we do, we will be fair, open and accountable to our constituents.

"We look forward to working in partnership with all Councillors, Council staff at every level and the Communities of West Dunbartonshire."

Chief Executive Joyce White said: “I’m pleased that the administration is in place and I look forward to working closely with all of our Councillors over the next five years to deliver the best services to our residents.”