Published 28 August 2020

An improvement project in Dumbarton Town Centre which will give pedestrians better access to enjoy the waterfront pathway is underway.

When complete, the area at Riverside Lane will be enhanced by a gathering place and gateway to the walkway along the river.

The £395,000 development will improve the road layout in the area, making it more pedestrian-friendly, as well  as adding wider sections of pavement  at key locations to create a distinct connection between the High Street and the river.

New quality surfaces will be used to improve the landscape throughout, as well as new railings in the area, improved lighting and enhanced seating.

In addition, a play area for small children will be installed at the site.

The works will complement ongoing plans for the development of a Waterfront Pathway running through Dumbarton to link historical sites including Dumbarton Castle to the town centre.

The project is one of three town centre improvements agreed last year as part of £859,000 funding received from the Town Centre Fund.

Councillor Iain McLaren, Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “I am pleased that some of the Town Centre Fund money is being used to capitalise on the town centre’s close proximity to the river and that residents will now have a pleasant gathering space to enjoy that area.

“The project ties in with our ongoing plans for the Waterfront Pathway running the length of our town, which will give residents  and visitors access to the River Leven that hasn’t been available in more than a century, as well as linking our historical attractions to the town centre, and bringing additional footfall and custom to our local businesses.”

Councillor Marie McNair, Vice Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development, added: “The purpose of the Town Centre Fund is to contribute to projects which will help drive the local economy and allow town centres to become more successful and more sustainable. That support to our local economy is needed now more than ever as we navigate the pandemic  so I am pleased to see this work underway.”

The works began on 24 August and are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

During the construction works, it is anticipated that 21 parking spaces will be inaccessible, and while disabled parking provision will be available, the location of these spaces in the car park may move temporarily.  

Other work being undertaken with funding from the Town Centre Fund includes  improvements to Sylvania Way South, Clydebank, which is currently underway, and refurbishing three Main Street properties in Alexandria to bring them back into use, as well as developing designs for restoration of the Smollett Fountain.