Published 10 February 2020

Clydebank High hosted the first ever West Dunbartonshire Learning Festival at the school last Friday.

Teachers and HSCP staff from across the area attended the full day session which included workshops, stalls and talks focused on ‘Nurturing Positive Relationships’ and ‘Building Resilient Communities’.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, a research specialist who focuses on the science of human connection spoke at the event and gave insight into the importance of developing a strong relationship with children at any age as well as suggesting different methods teachers and support staff can use.

The festival also hosted James Docherty, an advisory officer from Community Justice Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit.  During his session, titled Navigating the School Environment with Adverse Childhood Experiences, he spoke about trauma and how teachers and members of the community can work to help young people tackle this.

Dr Zeedyk said “It’s really exciting that we are having a conversation about nurture and relationships and I’m so proud that Clydebank High have hosted this event and are educating others on how schools and health professionals can do more to help children emotionally.”

Councillor Karen Conaghan, Convener of the West Dunbartonshire Council’s Educational Services Committee, said “This was a really inspirational and important event. For educators it’s very important that we recognise that children and young people carry stress and anxiety and that it’s not only teachers, but also parents, family and friends who can break down the barriers to allow children to have a happy and fulfilled life.”

Councillor Marie McNair, Vice Chair of West Dunbartonshire Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “It’s fantastic to see an event like this where we have the opportunity to shape West Dunbartonshire’s Nurtured Strategy through educating our staff and members of the community. Well done to all involved in putting this event together and those in attendance on the day.”