Published 25 September 2020

Pupils in West Dunbartonshire are set to receive additional support to make up for any loss of learning during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Schools have received guidance on recovery planning; engagement; and building confidence and resilience and are currently developing tailored supports for young people  in line with the principles of the Curriculum for Excellence which will develop individual talent, knowledge and skills.

Pupils will be assessed for support based on their achievements and what they can do, rather than focusing on the aspects they are struggling with or have missed.

This is the first phase of a programme of re-engagement and re-establishment of relationships with children and young people in the new school year.

Attainment Challenge Funding will also help schools to provide guidance and direction, by identifying  areas requiring  additional support.

The money from the fund will be used to deliver a set of key recovery  priorities to ensure equity in and across West Dunbartonshire schools.

In addition, funding will maintain robust contingency planning as well as to mitigate  any increased gaps in learning or pupils experiencing difficulties re-engaging in school  or early learning centres. Funds will also provide targeted and intensive support to more vulnerable learners and families who have  experienced loss or trauma.

Councillor Karen Conaghan, Convener of Educational Services, said: “We recognise the commitment from all our teachers and support staff to ensure children settle back in to school and early learning centres  and reengage in their learning. While the majority of children have quickly settled back in, some children need that little bit of additional help and support.  We have measures in place to ensure none of our children and young people are adversely affected due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.”   

Councillor Ian Dickson, Vice Convener of Educational Services, said: “West Dunbartonshire has received more than £991k  from  the Scottish Government for recovery planning and additional staff to support recovery.  This money will support up to 18 additional teachers and six learning assistants. These additional employees will help support schools in the event of teachers being absent due to Covid-19; work towards closing the equity gaps and support children and families who are struggling to reengage in learning.”