Published 25 September 2020

West Dunbartonshire’s virtual school, Campus@wdc has launched providing teachers and pupils with access to more than 250 online learning sessions.

Campus@wdc builds on the remote digital learning progress made during lockdown and  provides a virtual learning environment where early years, primary and secondary pupils can access online pre-recorded videos from teachers via their devices including Chromebooks.

Children as young as three- years-old up to S3 pupils can take part in lessons on a range of subjects  taught by teachers appropriate to their age while students at secondary can also access on-demand lessons for independent study in school and at home.  

 The virtual school is continually open to offer pupils structure during the days when they are learning at home.  The facility will also allow pupils to revise or reinforce previous lessons  by accessing pre-recorded content.  

Councillor Karen Conaghan, Convener of Educational Services, said: “The online learning at Campus@WDC site delivers  key parts of the curriculum including lessons on literacy and numeracy which cover the stages of the Broad General Education. Within the Campus, educational services  have also developed, ‘West Dunbartonshire Back to the Future 2020’. This site focusses on children’s experience of lockdown and adapting to a new way of life as a result of Covid-19. It is right for us to give pupils a platform to reflect on both the positive and negative impacts of Covid-19 and the effects this has had  locally, nationally and globally.. “This platform offers pupils the opportunity to consider what they would like to see changed and developed as the local ‘change makers’ in West Dunbartonshire and as young citizens of the world. The project will culminate next year in a West Dunbartonshire Showcase led by our young people sharing their hopes and aspirations for the future.”

Councillor Ian Dickson, Vice Convener of Educational Services, said: “I am pleased the virtual campus is now open and offering our children and young people an additional learning facility.  The campus had progressed well during lockdown and will be available to support blending learning if required. The digital school  offers children and young people the opportunity to review and participate in additional work at a time that suits them from home with their family if they wish to do so. This exceptional period of time has shown us that our pupils will engage and learn regardless of their environment and also demonstrates the commitment by our teachers and support staff who have continued to show great resilience and innovation to ensure our children continue to learn and progress.