Published 15 December 2021

More than 4000 tonnes of rock salt will help keep West Dunbartonshire moving this winter.

Council staff are already working behind the scenes to ensure our highways and pathways remain safe during freezing conditions.

The Roads team’s fleets of eight gritters will regularly treat every primary route, and secondary routes during longer periods of adverse weather.

They have been on 24-hour standby since November 1st , reacting when temperatures dip below freezing or if there is a risk of ice.

When severe weather conditions are forecast, the Council grits over 60 per cent of West Dunbartonshire’s public road network.

The Greenspace team work to ensure footpaths near schools, care homes, hospitals and other priority routes are kept clear.

This includes an out of hours footway gritting programme which will step up as weather requires to ensure town centre pedestrian areas, adjacent areas to schools, health care centres, public transport hubs, footways adjacent to day centres and sheltered housing, and main pedestrian routes in major housing developments are cleared.

In addition, West Dunbartonshire has more than 450 roadside grit bins across the area, meaning that generally no home is more than 300 metres from a supply should it become necessary. This level of provision is one of the highest per heads of population in Scotland.

Councillor Iain McLaren, Councillor Diane Docherty and Council Leader Councillor Jonathan McColl visited the depot at Elm Road this week.

Councillor McLaren, Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “We know there may be some disruptions due to ice and snow but we’re doing all we can to ensure we keep West Dunbartonshire moving whatever the weather.

“Our weather can turn very quickly, and I hope residents are reassured to hear of the planning and preparation that has gone into dealing with it.

“The grit stocks have been replenished, the bins in our communities have been filled up and the staff and equipment are ready to deal with another harsh winter.”

Councillor Docherty, Vice Convener of Infrastructure, Regeneration and Economic Development, added: “Our winter maintenance programme sets out our plans to help residents get through the worst of the inclement weather.

“I am particularly pleased that the additional gritting we’ve had on our paths and pavements since 2019 will continue this winter, which will benefit all residents but especially help those who are elderly or disabled to feel safer when going about their day.”

Residents can obtain small quantities of rock salt for private use from the Council's Road Depots located at Elm Road, Dumbarton or Stanford Street, Clydebank.

A map detailing gritting routes and locations of grit bins is available on the Council website.