Published 14 January 2022

A new programme to help West Dunbartonshire’s young people move successfully into the world of work has been launched.

Thrive – run by the Council’s Working4U team – supports young people taking their first steps into employment by focusing on personal development, learning new skills and gaining confidence.

The programme is open to any young person aged between 16 and 24 and once registered they will receive one to one support to ensure they have the  basic tools, including internet access and a bank account, required to begin seeking employment.

They will then participate in group work for eight hours per week, building on skills for life and work including communication skills, team work and confidence exercises.

The course will be tailored to suit the needs of the participants, ensuring they have the time and appropriate opportunities to work towards their next positive destination. Progression routes from the course will be in line with the young person’s aspirations, but could include further training with one of our partner organisations, an Apprenticeship, volunteering, college or employment.

Participants will have access to additional expertise from partners including Skills Development Scotland during the course, as well as the potential for volunteering opportunities.

Councillor Diane Docherty, Convener of Housing and Communities, said: “We do all we can to ensure West Dunbartonshire’s young people are equipped for the next stage of life, be that in the workplace, or further training. This programme will be life changing for any young person who needs a bit of additional guidance to get themselves to that positive destination, and I encourage anyone who thinks they would benefit or knows someone who would to get signed up.”

Councillor Ian Dickson, Vice Convener of Housing and Communities, added: “We have run similar youth employability programmes in the past and see a lot of success among the young people who participate. Being part of Thrive will give young people access to a range of support which will be invaluable as they move into the workplace or further education – not just practical skills but interpersonal ones like working well as part of a team, speaking confidently and communicating well.”

Young people can sign up to the programme themselves, or be referred via school or youth organisations. Active participation in the group work stage allows the participants to potentially access a £40 a week training allowance.

To find out more and apply to participate in the programme, please visit:

The programme will be delivered online via Zoom initially, with the intention to move to some face-to-face meetings, in line with Covid-19 guidance.