Published 02 December 2021

Women with historical or current experience of domestic abuse in West Dunbartonshire are being asked to share their views to help improve local support services.

As the annual 16 Days Of Activism campaign against gender-based violence continues nationwide this week, a local survey has been launched in an attempt to capture a more specific snapshot of the experiences of women within our community.

West Dunbartonshire’s Violence Against Women and Girls Partnership have devised a series of questions gathering specific data about the lived experience of domestic abuse, where they have accessed support and information and the visibility of local specialist services available to them.

If you are currently experiencing domestic abuse, or have experienced it in the past, please visit the survey at

It is completely anonymous. You will not be asked to provide your identity and any information shared is completely confidential.

Your input is important and will help to ensure that vital local support services better meet your needs and other women like you who have experienced the trauma of domestic abuse.

If this article has triggered you and you feel you would like support, help is at hand.

To access support visit