Published 18 January 2021

Children and young people across West Dunbartonshire have settled well into their first week of Remote Learning with figures showing record numbers of pupil engagement.

West Dunbartonshire schools set up 3,500 Google Classrooms where pupils were able to access 20,000 lessons.

More than 2,000 Chromebooks  have been loaned out to families to support home learning and more than 7,000 Google Meets face-to-face teaching sessions attended by more than 55,0000 learners.   

Lessons on the  Council’s virtual school Campus@WD  have been viewed more than  5,000 times with pupils accessing  pre-recorded lessons from teachers via their own devices including Chromebooks.

The Campus allows children from as young as three- years-old right up to S3 pupils to take part in lessons on a range of subjects  taught by teachers appropriate to their age, while students at secondary can also access on-demand lessons for independent study at home.  SQA pupils in S4 to S6 are being supported via tailored lessons.

 The virtual school offers pupils structure and supports lessons teachers  are providing to pupils on OurCloud which was visited more than 11,000 times in the past week.  

The pre-recorded lessons delivered by teachers on the campus were recorded in classrooms across the authority, meaning children are familiar with the background and environment when watching lessons. A range of lessons are available on literacy, numeracy, science and wellbeing.   

In addition, pupils can access a range of wellbeing sessions on the Campus.  PE lessons are taught by qualified instructors from West Dunbartonshire Leisure, who offer pupils access to pre-recorded activity sessions.  The short burst sessions are aimed at keeping our children and young people fit while they are at home away form the classroom.

Craft sessions are very popular with our children and young people with a wide range of age appropriate activities.  The materials used in the sessions include items that are commonly found at home to reduce any expense to families.  The sessions are delivered by  library staff, who deliver the step-by-step instructions making is easy for all ages to follow. 

Councillor Karen Conaghan, Convener of Educational Services, said: “We are committed to the education of our children and young people regardless of their location. The figures we are seeing during this first week of Remote Learning are very encouraging show our pupils have a great appetite to learn. Campus@WDC  is proving a popular location to access information and lessons.  It is also great to see the range of information and learning available to pupils and I hope they are all making full use of everything the Campus has to offer. Along with important wellbeing lessons, the  site delivers  key parts of the curriculum including lessons on literacy and numeracy which cover the stages of the Broad General Education. I would like to thank all our educational staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure everything was in-place and ready for pupils to start their Remote Learning .”

Councillor Ian Dickson, Vice Convener of Educational Services, said: “I am really pleased to see the positive engagement from children and families across West Dunbartonshire.  The campus has progressed and expanded  well and to be accessed more than 5,000 times in the first week is testament to the talented teachers and support staff who monitor and ensure the content is updated and engaging for our children. I would like to thank all the parents, carers and siblings who are supporting children at home and helping to make this time productive and successful.”