Published 11 June 2021

Pupils will be given water safety lessons to raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in open water.

The experiential learning lessons, which are delivered every year,  are part of the health and wellbeing curriculum and will be delivered to pupils before schools close for the holidays.

The lessons will be delivered by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) to primary 7 pupils as part of the West Dunbartonshire Water Safety Partnership and are designed to help pupils be aware of the dangers in and around open water and how to safely enjoy time spent near water.

Scottish Water have produced a short film and are encouraging families watch it together to further raise awareness of the dangers of water.  The film can be seen here

 Councillor Karen Conaghan, Convener of Educational Services said: “These lessons are really important especially as we enter the holiday period.  It is important that we make our children and young people aware of the hidden dangers that can be deep in the water and not clearly seen from the banks. I hope these talks will be well received by our pupils and they will bear this information in mind when enjoying their summer holidays .”

Councillor Ian Dickson, Vice Convener of Educational Services, added: “Water safety lessons are critical if anyone finds themselves or someone else in trouble. We must get the message out that swimming in open water is very different to swimming in a pool, where the water is warm and the conditions can be controlled.  I am grateful to the RNLI representatives for helping educate our pupils  on how to respect the water whilst enjoying it too.”