Published 26 March 2021

West Dunbartonshire residents will be given an opportunity to have their say on how community councils operate as part of a series of consultations on the review of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.

The purpose of the consultations is to strengthen community councils and ensure that they can continue to contribute to the success of the West Dunbartonshire Community Empowerment strategy.

The first stage of consultation is now underway, and will liaise with Community Councils to consider the support, administrative arrangements and influence the organisations have. It will also consider the boundaries they operate in and whether these need to be updated.

The first phase will include joint meetings of community councils and other community groups being held in Alexandria, Clydebank and Dumbarton.

Residents  will also be asked to get involved in the next two phases to help  design and influence the revised scheme.

Peter Barry, Chief Officer for Housing and Employability at West Dunbartonshire Council, said: “We are working hard to increase participation of communities in tackling issues that affect their lives.  This involves supporting people to work together to strengthen their communities and make public services as effective as possible.

“Community councils work to represent local views and ensure these are taken on board by public services, including the Council, so we hope through this consultation that we can engage with a range of local residents and involve them in this process, encourage more people to get involved in their local community council or possibly  even to set a new one up.”

The 16-week consultation is the first phase of the review. A further eight-week consultation is expected to be launched in September to consider the draft content of the Scheme for Establishment.

Following that, a four-week phase will be held  in late 2021to finalise the Scheme and any amendments.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the consultation and documents will mainly be held online, unless there is a change in the situation as the consultations progress.

Further information can be found here:

Written comments or amendments can also be made by addressing  them to Communities Team, Council Offices, 6-14  Bridge Street, Dumbarton, G82 1NT during the appropriate stage of consultation.

For further information on this please contact the Communities team at