Published 19 May 2021

Pupils from Clydebank High School are the first in Scotland to sit the National Progress Award (NPA) in Legal Studies in a school setting. 

The Level 6 qualification is usually delivered as a college course,  but pupils from the Clydebank school  received the course  at  school in partnership with the School of Law at the University of Glasgow. 

S6 pupils get the chance to meet with representatives from the fields of law and justice including Lord Reed, President of the U.K. Supreme Court.  Pupils were given the opportunity to ask Lord Reed about his career in law and gain a unique insight into his career including starting  his career as a solicitor and progressing  to presiding over the highest court in the land.

The NPA Legal Studies  develops  learners' knowledge and understanding of the role of the law by provide learners the chance to develop skills for legal related occupations.  The course is the grounding to further studies and to prepare learners for entry into related National Courses  or Higher National programmes.

The S6 pupils who took part in the session were delighted with his insight.

Mia Moohan said: “The conversation with Lord Reed was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the court system in the UK.”  

Martin Berry, said: “It was very interesting to hear about the many high-profile cases Lord Reed has been involved with.”  

Shonagh Leonard, said: “It was interesting to hear about Lord Reed’s experiences as a solicitor and judge.  It was very insightful.”

Mia Hulley, said: “I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak with Lord Reed.”

Councillor Karen Conaghan, Convener of Educational Services, said: “I am delighted to see pupils being offered this additional qualification while  in school. This is a first in Scotland and demonstrates the varied and wide-ranging opportunities our schools are able to provide our young people with. The pupils involved will have developed skills that will benefit them if they choose to pursue a legal-related career, but also stand them in good stead for a range of other possibilities when they leave school. the pupils really appreciated his time and insight.

Councillor Ian Dickson, Vice Convener of Educational Services, said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for our pupils and I hope it will help them go on to advance their legal studies. I would like to thank Lord Reed for taking the time to share his experiences with our pupils, this was a great opportunity to hear from one of the most experienced legal experts in Scotland and I am sure his influence will encourage the pupils to seek a career in law.”