Published 04 November 2021

West Dunbartonshire Council has invested £82.8m in new affordable housing over the past seven years.

The investment – which has created 467 new homes over 11 developments – makes the Council the largest social housing developer in the area.

St Andrew’s Development in Clydebank

A further 117 homes in sites at Clydebank East and Queens Quay will be completed by 2023, with a number of other sites earmarked for development by the Council.

Most recently, tenants have been able to enjoy newly completed homes in Creveul Court, Alexandria; St Andrew’s in Clydebank; and homes on the former sites of both Haldane and Aitkenbar primary schools.

Prior to those developments, the Council built new, affordable and energy efficient homes in Granville Street, Clydebank; Miller Road, Alexandria; Hill Street Square, Dumbarton and Second Avenue in Clydebank.

The Council’s Housing Team has an ambitious plan to continue with the positive momentum of the More Homes West Dunbartonshire programme with the Future New Build initiative.

Potential sites have been identified for new council homes to address existing and new housing need.

The design of these homes will further develop, improve and exceed current best practice, providing sustainable homes using innovative technology and delivering on our low carbon ambitions including passivhaus and other net zero carbon opportunities.

These include sites at Pappert, Bonhill; Queens Quay, Clydebank;  Willox Park, Dumbarton;  Bank Street, Alexandria; and Mount Pleasant, Old Kilpatrick.

Councillor Diane Docherty, Convener of Housing and Communities, said: “The provision of much needed new housing has contributed to positively regenerating our communities, we want to keep the momentum going as we look to the future. One of the ambitions through the future new build plan is to address housing inequalities, tackle fuel poverty and improve health outcomes for future generations within West Dunbartonshire.”

Councillor Ian Dickson, Vice Convener of Housing and Communities, added: “Our new builds are of an extremely high standard, offering tenants a private or communal outdoor space and a space for home working. In addition they are all digitally enabled for easy internet connection, have automatic fire suppression installed and we will be installing zero emissions heating systems in all homes ahead of the 2024 regulations coming into force. The Scottish Government  is planning to make many of these elements a mandatory condition of any future grant from the Affordable Housing Supply Programme, so West Dunbartonshire really are ahead of the curve.”