Published 08 July 2022

Residents, businesses and organisations are being asked to share their views on three planning documents which will guide development in West Dunbartonshire.

The draft documents each aim to ensure continued high standards for new developments being created across the authority.

The Creating Places Supplementary Guidance will ensure all new development recognises and responds to West Dunbartonshire’s unique location, providing both high quality development and thriving places for the area’s communities.

The document will also set out the process the Council and applicants will follow for successful placemaking, with detailed design guidance.

The Green Network and Green Infrastructure Supplementary Guidance outlines the ways in which features such as open space and pathways should be included in new development, and also sets the standards for the amount of open space that will be required to be included in new developments in West Dunbartonshire.

The Antonine Wall Supplementary Guidance highlights the significance of the Antonine Wall and its status as a World Heritage Site, with detail on how any development directly affecting the site will be assessed, as well as advising how it should be designed to minimise any impact.

The consultation on the documents is open until August 12.

Councillor Lawrence O’Neill, Chair of the Council’s Planning Committee, said: “These are extremely important documents as they outline our expectations of all new development in West Dunbartonshire. From use of high quality materials to consistent design and a designated amount of green space, the guidance in each of these documents will ensure that our communities are thriving and our residents are proud of the place they live.”

Councillor Gurpreet Johal, Deputy Chair of the Planning Committee, added: “I would encourage all residents to give their feedback on these guidance documents. We truly value your input and want to work together with our communities to ensure all development in West Dunbartonshire meets high standards and enhances our area for the benefit of its people.”

For more details on each guidance document and information about submissions, please visit: