Published 07 March 2022

Councillors have given the green light to plans for a number of improvements in Dumbarton’s Denny Civic Theatre, including a brand new professional audio and visual system.

The theatre, has which has been closed since March 2020 and was used as a vaccination centre during the pandemic, has been given the green light for a number of improvements, including an upgrade of the current changing facilities, redecorating, and improving toilet provisions and a new professional audio and video system will be installed as well.

Many of the improvements will be long-term, but the installation of the sound and lighting equipment will take priority to ensure the building is opened as quickly as possible and be used for its intended purpose.

The process of this installation is expected to be fully completed in the summer months at the earliest.

Bailie Denis Agnew, Convener of and Spokesperson for Communications, Museums & Cultural Development, said; "I'm pleased to see plans progressing for the Denny Civic Theatre to reopen. The addition of a new audio and video system to the theatre is a much-needed upgrade that will benefit both the performers and audience. Following a two-year closure, I am confident that our residents will be eager to return to this important community venue."