Published 11 March 2022

Long-serving members of West Dunbartonshire's Children's Panel have been rewarded for their commitment to children and young people at a special recognition event.

The dedicated members, who had served a combined total of 71 years on the Children’s Panel, were each presented with a certificate and long service gift.

Along with recognising the long service of existing members, the Panel welcomed 21 new volunteers who successfully completed their pre-service training.

Councillor Karen Conaghan, Chair of Educational Services and the Council’s representative on the West Dunbartonshire Area Support Team, said: “It is right and appropriate for us to recognise the commitment of members of the Children’s Panel and all they do to help vulnerable children and families in West Dunbartonshire. These volunteers have willingly spent their free time helping others and this small gesture is our way of thanking every one of the volunteers for their commitment to this service. The Hearing System can and does make a positive difference for many children and it is heartening to see so many new members who will help and support local children.

Judy Wilson, Area Convener of the West Dunbartonshire Area Support Team, added: “I would like to sincerely thank all the long service members who have been recognised for their commitment and continued dedication to improving lives of local infants, children and young people.  The volunteers thoroughly deserve the recognition for the part they have played in making a real difference to children and families going through difficult times. I would also like to welcome the new intake of panel members and thank them for pledging their time to help local families. ”

Volunteers do not require special qualifications to sit on the Children’s Hearing as full training will be provided. Anyone interested in becoming a Children’s Panel Member, or who would like to find out more, should visit or contact Scott Kelly at the Council on 07972147274 or email   

List of awards:

New members

  • Susan Burns
  • Annmarie Carson
  • Shona Forsyth
  • Oona Gartshore
  • Jane Greene
  • Nicole Hampson
  • Niamh Hughes
  • Heather Johnson
  • Billy McClung
  • Sarah-Jane McDermott
  • Paul McGowan
  • John McInally
  • Lisa McKain
  • Samantha Naylor
  • Robyn Proctor
  • Elaine Reid
  • Rachel Robb
  • Karen Speirs
  • Julie Stevenson
  • Marian Thackrey
  • Jodie Woods


Panel Members with 5 Years’ Service

  • Kirsty Campbell
  • Michael Campbell
  • Billy Crowe
  • David Hughes
  • Graham Jefferies
  • Frank McNiff
  • Natalie McMillan


Panel Members with 10 Years’ Service

  • Barbara Oattes
  • Elma Parkins


Panel Member with 15 Years’ Service

  • Elizabeth McKerrall


Panel Member with 20 Years’ Service

  • Janet Crabtree