Published 23 May 2022

More than half of West Dunbartonshire pupils have applied for free bus travel, placing the area as the second highest uptake in Scotland.

Latest figures show 51 per cent of pupils have the free bus pass, which offers anyone under the age of 22 free travel throughout Scotland.

The scheme is open to children and young people with a new National Entitlement Card (NEC) or Young Scot NEC and schools have been actively promoting the card within educational establishments.

Councillor Clare Steel, Chair of Educational Services, said:  “I am pleased to see the high uptake of this initiative which will be a great benefit to our families.  I am sure many of our pupils will take advantage of the free travel and visit serval places across Scotland during the summer holidays.   I would encourage anyone entitled to this initiative to apply for a card and this can be easily done through our schools where we have staff ready to help anyone fill out their application.”

Councillor Michelle McGinty, Vice Chair of Educational Services said:  “I would like to thank all our staff within education for their help and assistance in supporting families complete the application for this initiative.  Free travel will be a great benefit to our families as they continue to feel the financial pinch.  Having the opportunity to hop on and off buses free of charge will hopefully give our residents the chance to explore other parts of Scotland during the school holidays and at weekends.”

Young people living in Scotland between the ages of five and 21 years old can apply for a card which entitles them to free bus travel.

Transport Scotland launched an app "Transport Scot Pass Collect" which allows people aged 16-21 to add free bus travel on to their existing national entitlement card (NEC) or Young Scot card, without having to apply for a replacement. Parental permission required for children under the age of 16.