These data factfiles explain each performance indicator in our Strategic Plan. They can also be accessed directly from our performance wheels

Priority One

New start businesses given advice and assistance to start up

Procurement spent on local small/medium enterprises

Employment Rate

Workless households

Average tariff score SIMD quintile 1

Average tariff score SIMD quintile 2

Average tariff score SIMD quintile 3

Average tariff score SIMD quintile 4

Average tariff score SIMD quintile 5

Positive destinations


Priority Two

Child Poverty

Lost Rental Income

Reactive repairs completed right first time

Citizens Supported to maximise income

New social housing

Households in fuel poverty


Priority Three

Feeling safe in your community

Residents satisfaction with Council services 

Citizens feeling the Council listens to residents in the design and delivery of services

Citizens feeling the Council communicates well

Council resources directed by communities

Citizens feeling a sense of control and influence over council decision making


Priority Four

Satisfaction with the Council website

Online transactions

Citizen satisfaction with Council publications

Committee agendas published on time

Accessibility of public Council buildings


Priority Five

Council tax income received

Income generated as a percentage of total budget

Buildings suitable for current use

Days lost due to absence (teachers)

Days lost due to absence (all other employees)

Employee satisfaction with Council as a place to work

Improvement in prioritised performance areas

Positive education inspections

Street Cleanliness

Household recycling

Satisfaction with road maintenance

Attendance at leisure facilities