West Dunbartonshire Council aims to ensure that tenants and other customers find it easy to participate in and influence decisions at a level they feel comfortable with.

In respect of Tenant Participation our promise is that:

  • we will make sure that there are a wide range of opportunities and ways you can get involved.
  • we will make sure that you know about the different ways to get involved and will provide you with detailed information about how to get involved and the support available to you within 5 days of you asking for it.
  • we will make sure that we remove barriers and provide support to encourage and assist your involvement (This includes providing support and funding to tenant and residents associations and supporting tenant and other customer scrutiny arrangements).
  • we will give you accurate, up to date information which is relevant to you.
  • we will give you feedback about our consultations with you and provide you with information about how decisions were taken.