West Dunbartonshire Council – Consultation on Review of Scheme for the Establishment of Community Council phase 1

During 2021 West Dunbartonshire Council are reviewing how they help local Community Councils represent people’s views on the issues that affect their lives.

An important part of this is supporting the Community Councils which work to represent local views in many of our communities, and ensure these are taken on board by public services. Not every area has a community council, but many have other groups such as development trusts or tenants and residents Associations.

From time to time, we are required to review the support and administrative arrangements for Community Councils, this is known as the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils (the Scheme).

We are seeking the views of community councils, other groups and local residents on how the Scheme can strengthen Community Councils as organisations vital to the success of West Dunbartonshire’s Community Empowerment Strategy (2019). We want to give citizens the opportunity to help design the revised Scheme.

We hope to engage with a range of local residents and involve them in this process, and also to encourage more people to get involved in their local community council or possibly to set one up where there currently are none.

For further information

Please contact SCDC who are independently supporting this consultation:

Alternatively you can contact the Communities team, at communitycouncils@west-dunbarton.gov.uk or visit our Community council page

Community Empowerment Strategy and Action Plan


The review will include:

  • reviewing existing Community Council boundaries (see below)
  • deciding if Community Council boundaries need to be updated
  • explore how Community Councils can increase community involvement in carrying out their duties, including how they influence the Council and other services.


The timetable was approved at a Special Council meeting held on 24 February 2021

The 3 stages of consultation will take place as follows:

  1. 16 week consultation to gather views and consult on the boundaries for community councils from 9 March - 29 June 2021
  2. 8 week consultation starting in August to consult on the content of the draft scheme
  3. 4 week final phase to finalise the Scheme and any amendments 

Due to current office closures the consultation and documents will largely be published online and the boundary consultation will be carried out using digital methods also.


Any written comments or amendments can also be made by addressing them to:

Communities Team,
Council Offices,
6-14  Bridge Street,
G82, 1NT

Community Council Boundaries

This consultation closed
Tue 29 June 2021 11:59 PM