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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much money is available for this project?

A1. Scottish Government has £800 million pounds available nationally, however we don’t have detail yet on how much of that will be available for West Dunbartonshire.  We should know more from the Scottish Futures Trust, who lead this work on behalf of Scottish Government, in February about funding and the terms and conditions for this. 

Q2. Where will the new Faifley Campus be located?

A2. It is intended that the new Campus Facility will be located on one of the three existing sites, Edinbarnet, St Joseph’s or Skypoint.  A site options appraisal will be carried out on all three sites, which will be presented to Education Committee for decision.

Q3. What schools / ELCCs does this affect?

A3. The new campus will replace the buildings currently used by Auchnacraig Early Learning and Childcare Centre,  Edinbarnet and St Joseph’s Primary schools.

Q4. When will the work begin on this project and when do we anticipate the completion date to be?

A4. The initial design work will begin in April this year, 2021, and this will inform the final costs for the project.  Once this is concluded in December 2022, construction work will begin.  This is expected in January 2023 with the build due to be completed in March 2025.  It is expected that the new campus will be operational in Spring/Summer 2025.

Q5. Is there a formal consultation process on the proposal to move our existing ELCCs and schools to a new campus, and when will it take place?

A5. There will be a formal consultation process later in the year once the  site Option Appraisal  has been concluded. 

Q6. Why has Faifley been chosen?

A6. As set out in the Learning Estate Strategy 2020-2030, Projects are identified based on robust assessment and prioritisation.  This ensures that investment is both affordable in the long term and focused on projects which support  key priorities for the Council.  The Priority List identified in the Learning Estate Strategy prioritises a co-located merged facility within the Faifley Community for development to ensure the provision of modern, high quality purpose built buildings for years to come.

Q7. When will the final site be decided?

A7. This is likely to be decided  in Summer 2021 once the outcome of the Site Options Appraisal has been agreed upon.

Q8. Who makes the decision about which option is chosen?

A8. An options appraisal will be completed considering all three sites.  Education committee will then be presented with this information and a  recommendation for decision.

Q9. Why are you not proposing this for other Schools?

A9. The development of a new campus for Faifley is part of the Learning Estate Strategy, which in recent years has seen the development of new buildings in Balloch, Bellsmyre, and Renton, as well as the new Kilpatrick School.

Q10. How much will this development cost?

A10. This will be dependant on which site is chosen, though from early work on feasibility we think costs will be around  £28 million to £30 million.  Once a full design has been developed for the chosen site a more definitive cost will be available and FAQ’s will be updated to reflect this.

Q11. Were other sites considered that are not on the list?

A11. No, the intention is to utilise one of the existing three sites for the development of a new Faifley Campus

Q12. How will the change impact my child?

A12. With a proposed completion date of 2025, any children who are primary 4 age or below at Auchnacraig,  Edinbarnet and St. Joseph’s Primary will move into the new campus. Children who are older than P4 will complete their primary years in their existing school buildings before moving on to secondary. Having a new campus will bring with it great opportunities to enhance learning.

Q13. As a resident I am concerned about the impact on my local area – how will you manage this?

A13. Like all development projects, the Faifley Campus will be subject to the Planning application process and residents will have the opportunity to feed into that process along with further engagement sessions.  Information on the project will also be shared on the Council website and Social Media platforms. Once construction is under way, there will also be updates provided via the main contractor at various stages of the construction phases to local residents.

Q14. If the chosen site is one which a school currently operates from (e.g. either Edinbarnet or St Josephs), how much disruption will there be to the children while construction is taking place and would the children have to be taught off-site?

A14. The Project will be a Tandem build with two phases, Construction and Demolition.  Pupils will remain in the existing school while construction is under way, once construction is complete pupils would move into the new facility.  There should be no disruption to children’s learning during the phases. This approach is presently happening in Renton.

Q15. Will the new campus have open plan style classrooms like seen in other newer schools in the area?

A15. Our approach to design develops over time, as we continue to refine a model that works best for learning and teaching. The intention would be to follow the same format as other new school design features such as Balloch Campus, Bellsmyre and Renton Primary which has a combination of open and closed spaces for learning.

Q16. Will combining the two primaries result in larger class sizes (both schools currently benefit from a fantastic teacher:child ratio?

A16. No. although the two primaries will occupy the same building, they will continue to be staffed in the same way as directed by the number of children they each have, and how many staff we need to support them in their learning.

Q17. Will the nurture facilities for children with additional support needs, currently in place in Edinbarnet, continue at a new campus?

A17.  Yes. Nurture is a key principle of how we support our children and will continue into the new campus.