The Licensing Committee has agreed that a consultation and evidence gathering process be undertaken to seek views on the licensing and regulation of SEV’s, with the purpose of determining whether SEV’s should be licensed within West Dunbartonshire.

In particular, the Committee is seeking views on:

  • Whether a licensing regime should be adopted to license and regulate SEV’s;
  • What the appropriate number of SEV’s in West Dunbartonshire, or localities within West Dunbartonshire, should be, if SEV’s were to be licensed; and
  • If the Committee were to decide to pass a resolution to license SEV’s, what matters should be taken into consideration in the development of an SEV policy statement. As detailed above, a draft SEV policy statement would be subject to a separate consultation process.

Consultation is an important first stage in determining whether or not SEV’s in West Dunbartonshire should be licensed and if so, responses will assist in the development of an SEV licensing policy statement if required.

Please read the: SEV Consultation Document

How to Respond

  • Appendix A sets out further considerations and seeks your views as to whether SEV’s should be licensed.
  • Appendix B sets out considerations which would be taken into account when considering what the appropriate number of SEV’s should be within West Dunbartonshire, or parts of West Dunbartonshire, and seeks your views on these matters.
  • Appendix C relates to the possible development of an SEV licensing policy statement and standard license conditions, if SEV’s were to be licensed and regulated, and seeks your views.
  • Your response does not have to cover every issue listed as you may choose to respond to any aspect depending upon your individual or collective area of interest or experience. Where possible, please provide any evidence you may have in support of your response.

Your response should be sent (preferably by email) to:

Alternatively by Post:

Peter Hessett
Chief Officer
Regeneration and Regulatory
West Dunbartonshire Council
16 Church Street
G82 1QL

Please indicate in your response the capacity in which you are responding.

  • Your response should be received no later than 22 October 2021 in order to ensure that your views are considered as part of the consultation exercise.



This consultation closed
Fri 22 October 2021 11:59 PM