second phase of statutory consultation

West Dunbartonshire Council have concluded the first stage of the review of our Scheme for Establishment and are progressing to the second stage. This will involve wider consultation with local residents and community organisations in addition to community councils other forums.

A draft Scheme will be developed and consulted on and there will be further discussions on boundary issues which have been identified in the first phase. We are seeking the views of community councils, other groups and local residents. The review is being carried out in line with West Dunbartonshire's Community Empowerment Strategy (2019).

The Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 requires proposed amendments to the Council's Scheme for the Establishment to be subject to formal public consultation process.

This is a formal notice to residents, that West Dunbartonshire Council, is exercising the powers in Section 53 (1) of the above Act, and proposes to modernise and amend our local arrangements.

Following initial approval in February 2021 to commence the first consultation, a Special Meeting of the Council, held on 26 August 2021, approved the progress to date and agreed to start the second phase of consultation for a further period of 16 weeks. This will run from 31.8.21 until 21.12.21 and will be followed by a final 4 week consultation in early 2022 prior to the new draft Scheme being approved.

During the restrictions the consultation has largely been carried out online. This will continue to be the case with opportunities to meet in person where people feel comfortable to do so. Further information can be found on the Council's website.

Any person or organisation wishing to make written representations on the proposed amendments should address them to Communities Team, Council Offices, 6-14 Bridge Street, Dumbarton, G82, 1 NT, within a period of 16 weeks from publication of this Notice