West Dunbartonshire Council has made the above named Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, which makes it unlawful, except upon the direction or with the permission of a Police constable in uniform, for any person to cause or permit any vehicle to wait at any time only where indicated by authorised signs in the lengths of the roads specified below.

  • A878 Station Road, Old Kilpatrick, both sides from the centre line of the railway overbridge adjacent to Old Kilpatrick Station, north then east to the extended southern kerb line of the A82(T) Great Western Road westbound carriageway, a distance of 460 metres or thereby.
  • A878 Station Road (A82 eastbound slip road section), Old Kilpatrick, both sides from the extended western and then northern kerb line of A878 Station Road (A82(T) westbound slip road section) north under A82(T) then east to the northern kerb line of the A898(T) Erskine Bridge slip road to A82 eastbound, a distance of 505 metres or thereby.
  • Mount Pleasant Drive, Old Kilpatrick, both sides from the extended western kerb line of A878 Station Road to the projected north eastern boundary of number 22 Mount Pleasant Road, a distance of 105 metres or thereby.
  • Cochno Road, Hardgate and Faifley, both sides from the projected northern kerb line of Duncombe Avenue north then generally east to the boundary of East Dunbartonshire Council adjacent to Loansdean access, a distance of 2130 metres or thereby.

The Order will come into operation at 0001 hours on Sunday, 20 June 2021 and will remain in operation as and where indicated by authorised signs until 2359 hours on Sunday, 20 November 2022.

Additional Details

These restrictions will only be applied on parts of the lengths of road specified above as and where signed and as necessary to maintain safe traffic flow, including protection of intervisible passing places.

The restrictions are temporary due to the recent extraordinary demand for parking on these roads, understood to be a consequence of the temporary Government pandemic regulations and associated increase in local access to recreational areas.

It is also anticipated that, while this order is for the maximum 18 month period permitted, the restrictions will be adjusted or removed in line with changing demands and the temporary Government pandemic regulations.

Use of private accesses, loading in suitable locations and other road activities should be facilitated by these restrictions, subject to the requirements of the Highway Code. Any opportunity for parking will be maximised where possible and those doing so are reminded to be considerate of other road users needs, accesses and safety.

Chief Officer – Roads & Transportation
Council Offices
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Dumbarton G82 1NT