West Dunbartonshire Council, in exercise of the powers conferred on them by Section 16A of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended by the Road Traffic Regulation (Special Events) Act 1994 and of all other enabling powers, have made the above named Order by reason of facilitating the 2024 Scottish Pipe Band Championship on Saturday 27 July 2024.

The Order will make it unlawful for any person to cause or permit any vehicle to be driven on the following sections of road (except for vehicles taking local access where permitted by signs or under the direction of a traffic management contractor, emergency service vehicles and vehicles engaged in authorised road occupation) between 08.00hrs and 20.00hrs on Saturday 27 July 2024: Bridge Street (Dumbarton Bridge).

The Order will also make it unlawful for any person to cause or permit any vehicle to wait or load when indicated by signs on the complete lengths of both sides (or as indicated in brackets) of the following roads in Dumbarton, between 08.00 hrs on Friday 26 July 2024 and 20.00 hrs on Saturday 27 July 2024:
Bridge Street, Clydeshore Road (West Bridgend to Veir Terr) & West Bridgend;
and between 08.00hrs and 20.00hrs on Saturday 27 July 2024:
Access Road to Leven and Lomond Courts (for 25m from W. Bridgend), Bowie Street (for 25m from W. Bridgend), Clydeshore Road (Veir Terr to Clydeview - mostly West side), Clydeview, Comelybank Road (mostly North side), Dixon Avenue (mostly South side), Dixon Drive (mostly South side), Helenslee Road (Clydeshore Rd to Kirkton Rd - mostly North side), Kirkton Rd (mostly East side), Levenford Terrace (mostly East side), School Lane (Comelybank Rd North to Road End - mostly East side), Veir Terrace (mostly South side) and Woodyard Road.

The restrictions may be applied in part or whole but can be implemented as required and where indicated by signs. Emergency Services should note that any access past the closure could be delayed. Access will be maintained at all times for pedestrians. Vehicular access to off road property will be made available where possible from one or other side of the closure. Bus routes will be diverted as indicated on affected bus stops.

Further Details and Diversion Routes

These restrictions are to provide suitable traffic management and facilitate the event in Levengrove Park as in previous years. Details of the event are available from the event organisers and they will also be making further arrangements by themselves.

Restrictions will only be implemented in accordance with the agreed traffic management plan rather than the full extent and times of this order. They will be kept to an absolute minimum, being applied if and as necessary (in addition to any existing restrictions) to facilitate the event, manage parking and maintain traffic flow and access.

Diversion Routes

Diversion routes will involve the following roads in both directions and as indicated by signs: High Street, Glasgow Road and West Bridgend.

Chief Officer
Roads & Neighbourhood
Elm Road Depot
Dumbarton G82 2RH