The West Dunbartonshire Council, in exercise of the powers conferred on them under Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended and of all other enabling powers make the following Order.

  1. This Order may be cited as The West Dunbartonshire Council (Havoc Road, Dumbarton) (Temporary
    Traffic Management) Order 2024 and shall come into operation from Monday the 8th July 2024 and will remain in operation until Monday 29th July 2024.
  2. In this Order the following expressions have the meanings hereby assigned to them:
    "vehicle" unless the context otherwise requires, means a vehicle of any description and includes a machine or implement of any kind drawn or propelled along roads whether or not by mechanical power. "emergency service vehicle" means a vehicle being used by the Police, Fire or Ambulance Services.
  3. No person shall drive or cause or permit to be driven any motor vehicle (with the exception of vehicles taking local access where permitted by authorised road traffic signs or traffic management contractor, emergency service vehicles and vehicles engaged in authorised road occupation) on the lengths of road specified in schedule A to this order.
  4. Nothing in Article 4 of this Order shall prevent any person from causing or permitting a vehicle to wait in the length(s) of road(s) referred to in that article:
    1. for so long as may be necessary to enable a person to board or alight from the vehicle or to load thereon or unload therefrom his/her personal luggage;
    2. if the vehicle is waiting owing to the driver being prevented from proceeding by circumstances beyond his control or to such waiting being necessary to avoid an accident.
    3. to enable the vehicle, if it cannot conveniently be used for such purpose in any other road, to be used in pursuance of statutory powers and.duties and in particular, but without prejudice to.the generality of the foregoing, to enable the vehicle to be used in connection with police, fire and ambulance service purposes;
    4. if the vehicle Is being used for the purpose of a Universal Service Provider collecting or delivering postal packets as defined in section 125 of The Postal Services Act 2000 from premises or posting boxes adjacent thereto;
    5. to enable the vehicle to be used in connection with funeral operations.

Given under the seal of West Dunbartonshire Council and signed for them and on their behalf by Michael
McDougall, Solicitor.

Further Details and Diversion Routes

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Diversion Routes

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