The Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013 place a statutory requirement on local authorities to publish a plan every three years. 

Community Learning and Development (CLD) plays a central part in ensuring individuals, families and communities across West Dunbartonshire reach their potential through lifelong learning, mutual self-help and community organisation - and that the available support and opportunities are community-led and built around people's aspirations.

This is the second plan, covering the period 2018 – 2021. The Plan has been developed on the basis of widespread consultation and analysis of the national and local policy environment. It also builds on the lessons learned from the West Dunbartonshire 2015 – 2018 Community Learning and Development Plan and aims to support efforts to make West Dunbartonshire a good place, to live, learn, work and explore.


CL&D Plan 2018-2021

CL&D Summary Plan

Supporting Documents

CL&D Plan 2018-21 Operational Plan 

CL&D Plan 2018-21 Strategic Drivers

CL&D Plan 2018-21 Swot Analysis

CL&D Plan 2018-21 Stakeholder Review