There are currently two local development plans covering the West Dunbartonshire Planning Authority area

These are the West Dunbartonshire Local Plan (Adopted 2010) and the West Dunbartonshire Local Development Plan (Proposed Plan 2015). A new Local Development Plan is currently being prepared, which will, on adoption, replace these plans.

The West Dunbartonshire Planning Authority does not cover those parts of Balloch and countryside to the east and west of Loch Lomond which are within the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. 

West Dunbartonshire Local Plan (Adopted 2010)

The West Dunbartonshire Local Plan was adopted in March 2010. It forms part of the Development Plan for West Dunbartonshire (along with the Clydeplan Strategic Development Plan) and is used in the assessment of planning applications and development proposals. You can view and download the Local Plan and the associated Strategic Environmental Assessment documents below:

West Dunbartonshire Local Development Plan (Proposed Plan 2016)

The West Dunbartonshire Local Development Plan Proposed Plan was originally published in September 2013 and a modified version published in March 2014. It was submitted for Examination in June 2014, and the Examination Report published in January 2015. On 25 March 2015, the Council’s Planning Committee accepted all of the Examination Report recommended modifications with the exception of those relating to the inclusion of a housing development opportunity at Duntiglennan Fields, Duntocher. On 8 April 2015 the Council notified Scottish Ministers of its intention to adopt the Plan, excluding the Duntiglennan Fields housing development opportunity. On 2 June 2015, the Scottish Ministers wrote to the Council directing it not to adopt the Plan unless the Duntiglennan Fields site was included within it as a housing development opportunity. The Council has continued to decline the inclusion of the Duntiglennan Fields site as a housing development opportunity and at its meeting of 27 April 2016 took a final decision that it would not adopt the Local Development Plan and that work should commence on preparing a new Plan.

The Council has received legal advice that the West Dunbartonshire Local Development Plan Proposed Plan and the associated Examination Report are material considerations in the determination of planning applications. Therefore a version of the Proposed Plan incorporating the accepted recommended modifications of the Examination Report and entitled West Dunbartonshire Local Development Plan (Proposed Plan 2016) has been produced and is available to view/download below along with associated documents.

Written Statement (2015)

Clydebank Proposals Map (2015)

Dumbarton Proposals Map (2015)

Vale of Leven Proposals Map (2015)

Strategy and Rural Areas Proposals Map (2015)

Environmental Report (2015)

Examination Report (2015)

Examination Report – Table of Modifications (2015)

Main Issues Report (2012)

The Council's Main Issues Report was published in March 2012. A summary of the representations received was reported to the September 2012 Planning Committee. You can view/download copies of the Main Issues Report and associated documents below.

Main Issues Report (March 2012)

Environmental Report

Background Reports and documents