Flood Resilience products give temporary protection against flood water entering your property. They act as a barrier to water entry points, such as doors, windows and airbricks covers.

The subsidy scheme is available to anyone, residents or business, where property is at risk from flooding. 

Flood barriers

Flood boards, made of plastic or metal, can be installed across a doorway or window before a flood arrives.  The boards usually slide into a frame that has been pre-attached to the door or window frame to provide a watertight seal from flood waters.

Airbrick covers

A plastic cover clips to frames fitted around airbricks on exterior walls, preventing water entry via this route.

Flood skirts

This is a more advanced system of flood protection, which totally encloses the bottom 600-900mm (2 - 3 feet) of a property in water-resistant sheeting, sometimes to foundation level. A more expensive solution, this may be useful for detached properties that are flooded regularly for sustained periods.


A limited supply can be provided for free from our Elm Road Depot at Elm Road, Broadmeadow Industrial Estate, Dumbarton.  For enquiries phone 01389 608 152.

These are also available from DIY retailers. Bin bags filled with soil are an alternative option.  These can be used to create a dam in front of doorways and, when put in a toilet bowl, can prevent sewage entering your home. After flooding they must be discarded as they may contain contaminants.

The Scottish Flood Forum

The Scottish Flood Forum offers practical advice and support to property owners affected by or are at risk from flooding, and can be contacted on: