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21 Day Emergency (Ref 20 2018/19)

Notice is hereby given that under Section 14 of the roads Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (RTRA), as amended and by any other relevant legislation, use of the following roads by the undernoted types of use/class of vehicle will be prohibited for the stated period of time.

Name of Road(s): High Street, Dumbarton

Closures:  Between its north and south junction with Riverside Lane

Date of Restriction(s):  From 10th February 2020 for up to 21 days when appropriate signs are displayed.

Reason for Restriction:  Dangerous condition of Chimney

Classes of Vehicle Prohibited:  All classes except emergency service vehicles and those permitted by signs or for access where permitted.

Type of Notice:  Section 14 RTRA 1984 – 21 day notice

Further Information

Access for pedestrians will be maintained.

Emergency vehicles must note that access past the works could be delayed or prevented.  There are no bus routes on closed road.

Diversion routes likely to involve:

  • Riverside Lane

High Street Closure Map