It’s important that as many tenants as possible are involved in discussions to help us review what we do and improve services.  It is also really important that people can see that their views have been taken into account and that outcomes from consultations are fed back to respondents. We will feedback directly to respondents but the table below brings together information on last year's consultations. We also use our quarterly newsletter Housing News to publicise outcomes.


Housing Consultation Calendar 2017
Name of Consultation Purpose of Consultation start and finish Outcomes Feedback and evidence
Annual rent consultation

The Council has a statutory duty to consult with tenants about the rent it charges.

We are also improving transparency around the Housing Revenue Account and the decisions behind setting rent levels.

24 November 2020- 20 January 2021

Virtual public meeting on 24/11/20 with Finance and Housing Managers. Option information and breakdown of investment plans sent to all tenants along with a free post voting card for tenants to vote for their preferred rent option.

Voting could also be done via website, by text or phone call. 1344 tenants voted and their preferred option of 1.5% was put forward as the recommended rent increase and was agreed by Council on 3/3/21.

Public meeting 24/11/20

Consultation summary

Council minutes from 3/3/21

Rent increase letter to all tenants

Spring edition of Housing News