It’s important that as many tenants as possible are involved in discussions to help us review what we do and improve services.  It is also really important that people can see that their views have been taken into account and that outcomes from consultations are fed back to respondents.

We will feedback directly to respondents but the table below brings together information on last year's consultations. Last year, because of the ongoing Covid concerns, our consultations had to again be done virtually as well as information being posted out directly to all tenants.


Housing Consultation Calendar 2017
Name of Consultation Purpose of Consultation start and finish Outcomes Feedback and evidence
Annual rent consultation

The Council has a statutory duty to consult with tenants about the rent it charges.  Transparency about how rent money is spent has been improved with clearer information provided. Commitment also been made to involve tenants earlier in the rent setting process –meaningful discussions including housing investment plans, setting rent options and voting  for all tenants  on their preferred option. 

11 November 2021 - 20 January 2022

Virtual public meeting held on 11/11/21 with Finance and Housing Managers to discuss the draft HRA budget and options available.

Option information and breakdown of investment plans sent to all tenants along with a free post voting card for tenants to vote for their preferred rent option. Voting could also be done via website, by text or phone call. 1089 tenants voted and Option 2, was the preferred option with 35.7% of the votes. This was put forward as the recommended rent increase and was agreed by Council on 9/3/22.

2019/20 Annual Charter Performance Report for Tenants and other customers

Review of Housing Allocation policy, understanding of how it operates and what if anything should be changed

15 March 2021 - 1 September 2021

Consultation – Stage 1

  • Survey link text to 5100 applicants and 791 responses received
  • Staff working group developed around 6 staff members attended a series of 6 workshops to develop proposals and decision papers for the Housing Improvement Board

Consultation – Stage 2

  • Briefing held for Elected Members
  • 12,000 text with survey link sent to tenants & applicants, plus link promoted on Facebook
  • 1615 responses to main survey, 866 from WDC tenants, 465 from Applicants, 216 from WDC resident, 51 from staff and 11 from partner organisation.

As a result of the stage 1 review process, commitments were added to the policy to provide annual lettings information to tenants and applicants to keep them informed with the allocations process.

Feedback from Stage 2 of the consultation showed that there was a good level of support for the 5 proposed changes and so these were included in the new policy.

Also acknowledged that further investigation was needed into medicals and a full review of medicals to be undertaken by May 2022.

All applicants affected by the policy changes to be contacted when the policy goes live

West Dunbartonshire Council Local Housing Strategy (LHS)

2022- 2027

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 places a statutory requirement on local authorities to produce a LHS every 5 years that sets out its strategy, priorities and plans for the delivery of housing and related services.

It should demonstrate the local authority’s strategic approach to dealing with key housing related issues such as:

  • Delivering high quality housing and housing related services across all tenures
  • Setting out its contribution to the effective integration of health and social care
  • Showing how the LHS is supporting the Scottish Government National Outcomes and Targets, whilst reflecting the needs and priorities of the local authority area.
June 2021 – August 2021

Survey on 5 key themes in the Strategy created and promoted.

Theme 1: Housing Need and Demand

Theme 2: Quality Homes

Theme 3: Homelessness & Housing options

Theme 4: Place and community: 20 minute neighbourhood

Theme 5: Particular needs housing

Overarching comments were also invited.

130 responses to survey were received and comments used to develop new Strategy -  outcomes included acknowledgement of demand for older family accommodation, commitment to carrying out an Older persons housing review, interest in energy efficiency measures and need for improvements in current council stock as well as private sector , more clarity around the homeless process, strong support for the 20-Minute Neighbourhoods concept and clarified in new strategy that referring to a ten minute walk there and ten minutes’ walk back so 20 minutes in total, clear support for all of the regeneration areas identified in the draft survey and Bellsmyre added following feedback. In terms of addressing particular needs, as well as commitment to build 10% of new properties as adaptable also committed to training staff on mental health and autism and encourage housing partners to do the same. 

  • West Dunbartonshire Council Local Housing Strategy Summary of survey findings
  • LHS 2022-27 agreed by Council 3 Nov 2021