WDC/WDTRO Liaison Meeting No.76 Thursday 24th February 2022, 1:30pm Via Zoom

 List of those present at meeting:

  • Councillor Diane Docherty - Housing Convener (chaired meeting)
  • Frances McGonagle - Littleholm TRA
  • June Todd - WDTRO
  • Ruth Dickinson - Willox Park TRA
  • Mary Paton - Willox Park TRA
  • Alan Young - Housing Asset & Investment Manager
  • John Kerr - Housing Development & Homelessness Manager
  • Jane Mack - Senior Housing Development Officer ( Tenant Participation ) -minute taker
  • David Lynch - Area co-ordinator
  • Martin Feeney - Building Services Manger
  • Suzanne Marshall - Area co-ordinator
  • Scott McLelland - Area co-ordinator
  • Stefan Kristmanns - Housing Development Co-ordinator
  • Chris Young - Project Development Officer

Agenda item

Welcome, introductions and apologies

Diane welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Jane introduced Chris Young who has joined the Communities team and attending meeting just to observe. 

Apologies been received from Harry McCormack, Georgia McCambley, Nicola Pettigrew, Hanne Thijs, Tracy Crichton, Ruth Dickinson , Janette Donlin and Jacqui Peacock. 

Diane acknowledged the loss of Polly Wheelans who had passed away the previous month and the contribution she and all volunteers who give their time to meetings and improving their communities make. She will be sadly missed from the WDTRO for her contributions and for being such a lovely person.


Issues arising from update on actions from previous minutes – copy of updated actions issued ahead of meeting

Better Homes Group pursuing potential for additional sockets being included in a Capital programme and update to be given to Liaison as well as JRG. Martin Feeney, later in meeting when he was able to reconnect, was able to confirm that staff have now been made aware of the USB sockets and have them in stock so can be fitted when requested. Relocating sockets can also be done where the existing wiring will allow and should be requested via repairs. 

Training for the dedicated repairs team for MSF s arranged for end of Feb/ first week in March so is progressing.

Lessons learnt from lift off at Littleholm include new text alert procedure being developed and has been successfully tested. Maintaining current phones numbers will be critical as is a separate system from housing system so staff will keep it up to date with any changes. Scott also confirmed that there will also be posters put up either by caretakers or the out of hours ASB team.


Repairs call handling update – copy of data for Dec/Jan distributed ahead of meeting

Everyone happy with the continued improvement in call handling times though waiting times still not at pre-pandemic times. Monitoring to continue.


Repairs performance monitoring – update on quarter 3(Oct-Dec)- copy distributed ahead of meeting

Stefan talked through the performance information shared on screen. Average non- emergency repair target not met but mainly due to older repairs getting completed which increases the average time. Right First Time target also missed due to older repairs being out of target. All gas safety checks been done within year anniversary as required. Satisfaction levels also been gradually increasing and this is also with an increase in surveys being completed so the response rate is higher and can be considered more accurate.

Level of backlog repairs down to 116 and these due to needing scaffolding which is in scarce supply. Councillor Docherty asked about contact as most of the complaints she deals with were in relation to tenants not being kept up dated. Martin advised that they have created a new post to help planners so they are in a better position to re-organise jobs if staff are off sick or any other changes needed and be able to contact the tenant. 

Stefan asked about potential for sending text before jobs get cancelled as discussed at Joint Rent Group and Martin confirmed it is being trialled with emergency repairs and will keep meeting updated on progress.

What is the current procedure over handing back keys after end of tenancy? – Concern over practice of some outgoing tenants being told to just put keys through the letterbox and door then gets forced by housing. How many forced entries have been done and at what cost? – termination information distributed ahead of meeting.

Suzanne Marshall advised that had had to pull back from officers meeting people to collect keys and this was the best way to do it. Within the figures for forced entries will include properties that had been abandoned and have found an increase in them as offices are closed. As offices re-open should see a reduction in forced entries. 

June asked where in Clydebank tenants can hand in keys and it was confirmed that the One Stop Shop in the shopping centre was re-opening from 7/3 and tenants can make an appointment to see staff or hand in keys. Scott confirmed too that the Church Street office re-opens 7/3 by appointment so Dumbarton tenants can see staff or hand in keys there. Arrangements also in place for Alexandria tenants at Mitchell Way.


When will Housing Officers return to being area-based following temporary changes to help tackle current backlog?- update provided ahead of meeting.

In addition to the update provided ahead of the meeting, Suzanne summarised that have made some inroads but want to retain specialist functions to bring performance back to where they want it so pilot being extended for further 6 months ( until Sept ).


Forward Plan update (John Kerr)

Local Housing Strategy (LHS) been agreed by Council and now also endorsed by the HSCP so progressing and will now implement a delivery group.

Dumbarton Harbour now complete and all tenants have moved in – 195 properties there including the Housing Association ones.

As previously advised Queens Quay completion being delayed due to delays in materials for the main access road. The properties are progressing well but can’t be relet until the road is completed so will need to lie for a period with security in place.

Clydebank East redevelopment hoping to be onsite by August but plans still needs to be agreed at Planning committee meeting on 30 March.

Pappert contract being put together and looking at a August/September start date. Willox Park consultation is ongoing and the demolition of the old care home planned for the end of February/ beginning of March.

Also have a few sites where are engaging with landlords for future development sites e.g a private landlord in Bonhill and the NHS re the old Clydebank Health Centre.

At Brunswick, Montreal and Quebec a number of tenants have already been rehoused so are ahead of target but timescales can vary. Housing Officer closely involved and ongoing community information sharing important.

 Question asked about the demolition at Willox Park and if fencing will be put up around the site and John confirmed there would be. Further question asked about whether a one way system would be introduced as tenants worried about increase in traffic and it is a combined road and pavement there. John advised that there will be a traffic management system put in place to ensure safety and he will share it with the WDTRO. Another question asked about Willox Park in relation to the existing sheltered properties as one was meant to be used as a sample and is there any progress on that? John confirmed that progress had been delayed by tendering as no contractor had responded but going back out to tender and hoping more contractors will take it on.

Ruth raised issue of traffic calming for Willox Park as had raised it with Roads but they had said it wasn’t an adopted road so Housing responsibility. Scott confirmed that if not an adopted road then would be Housing’s responsibility and can be looked at during walkabout arranged for the following week.

Action: John to share traffic management for Willox Park.

Action: Scott to look at traffic calming possibilities at Willox Park walkabout.


Tenant Participation update (Jane Mack)

Spring HN due to be delivered 11 March and will only be a 4 page edition to get it distributed ahead of the 8 week purdah period that happens before any election.

Apologies given to anyone whose article didn’t make it into smaller version and some stories will be kept for the next edition or included in next TP update.

The Scrutiny Panel been having a break since they presented their last report to the HIB in October but are meeting again on 4/3 to get updates on previous action plans and begin to assess Housing’s current performance data to decide what they want to scrutinise next.

TPAS and TIS have a few virtual events being promoted -TIS event on Housing, Engagement, and Net Zero Ambitions on 24 March 1:00 – 4:00pm on zoom. TPAS are also now having their conference at the Golden Jubilee Hotel in Clydebank Friday 10 June – Sunday 12 June so might make it easier for more to go for specific days once the programme is announced and will share the programme as soon as it’s released.

TRA activity continues to increase as restrictions are easing and Risk st and Willox Park are even planning their AGMs.Hanne been chasing up progress on Tenant Priority Budget proposals agreed and has a meeting next week with Repairs as well as visits arranged for some more bigger proposals and once they costed up will arrange another public meeting.



Frances raised concerns about caretaking at Dalmuir re lifts not getting done, them only working till 2pm, and caretakers at Littleholm saying they been told to focus on outside area around the flats not the lifts. David confirmed that they were back to their core hours so finish at 4pm and are specifically told to focus on the lifts and common touch areas and then can inspect outside areas. Scott explained that the early finish was to reduce exposure during covid pandemic and they didn’t take breaks so they finished early.

Jane raised an issue about Kilbowie Court on behalf of Georgia as they still don’t have a dedicated caretaker and the lifts weren’t getting done twice daily or the back stairs being inspected as lights had been out for weeks and when Georgia eventually phoned repairs they hadn’t been reported. David acknowledged that there was an issue at Kilbowie Court and the caretaker had been having problems with school kids hanging around and being abusive. The basic duties should still have been getting done by mobile team and David will make sure that they inspect the stairs and report communal repairs. David also confirmed that have got approval for 4 additional caretakers and one of them will be for Kilbowie Court.

Action: David to ensure that stairs are checked and communal repairs reported at Kilbowie Court until permanent caretaker in post.


Date of meeting – 1:30pm, Thursday 28 April 2022, maybe via Zoom or hybrid

WDTRO 17 December 2020 actions

WDTRO 17 December 2020 actions
Who Agreed Action When by Progress
John/Nicola/Martin Additional sockets and limitations of electrical boards and wiring being looked as potential capital programme being looked at by Better Homes group. 02/02/2022


MF update 19/2/21

Specification required and options being put together for future Better Homes group starting with (MSFs) possibly extend to full stock in time and findings will be shared with WDTRO.

MF update 22/04/21

Being raised at the Better Homes Meeting 20/04/21

WDTRO Liaison 25/04/21 - Full update to be provided for next meeting.

15/06/21 update – there have been further discussions and suggestion is that this could be incorporated as part of the planned review and consultation around the Re-let Standard, due to go to HACC in Feb 2022. This could then inform thinking around developing a wider retro fit programme.

16/12/21 No update available

WDTRO 25 February 2021 actions

WDTRO 25 February 2021 actions
Who Agreed When by Progress

WDTRO to be kept updated on progress of pilot of dedicated repairs staff for MSF communal repairs (including fire doors).



MF Update 19/04/21

Canvasing of team members to establish interest Seeking costs and cooperation from fire screen / doors

manufactures in regards to training of WDC team and to establish replacement glazing panel sizes and spare parts so that stock can be ordered.

15/06/21 update - team members have been identified, training around types of fires doors is being arranged and plan for new service to commence around July. Discussion on-going around whether this will initially be a partial service (potentially Dalmuir and Littleholm) or full service. Further updates will be provided to WDTRO when decisions are made.

24/6/21 update – training been arranged and will be piloted in Dalmuir and Littleholm.

16/08/21 update – issues with training provider has delayed the training being organised, pilot to commence when training has been carried out.

18/10/21 – no further progress, training still to be arranged. 16/12/21 Training still be arranged with contractor

14/2/22 Martec ( training provider ) now able to do training face to face with selected staff and due to be done end of this month or 1st week in March.

WDTRO 24 February 2022 actions

WDTRO 25 February 2021 actions
Who Agreed When by Progress

John Kerr

Traffic management for demolition at Willox Park to be shared



Scott McLelland

Scott to look at traffic calming possibilities at Willox Park walkabout.



David Lynch

Stairs to be checked daily and communal repairs reported at Kilbowie Court until permanent caretaker in post.