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West Dunbartonshire Tenants & Residents Organisation (WDTRO)

Who they are – the WDTRO is the independent, umbrella group that brings together the activities of all Tenant & Resident Associations in the West Dunbartonshire area.

They work together to make sure they have as much influence as possible over decisions taken about Council houses and services. 

The main aims of the WDTRO are,

  • To assist and encourage the setting up of new Tenants and Residents Associations throughout West Dunbartonshire;

  • To assist and co-ordinate the efforts of member Associations to achieve common aims;

  • To provide advice and assistance, where possible, to any member Association in relation to any problems or difficulties they encounter

  • To liaise and participate with West Dunbartonshire Council and other agencies in pursuit of tenants and residents interests;

Meetings - they meet on the second Thursday of each month and alternate between 2PM in the community cafe at Overtoun Court in Clydebank or 4PM in the community flat at 1 Lomond Court in Dumbarton.

They also have joint WDC / WDTRO Liaison meetings every 2 months where they can raise issues directly with the Housing Convenor and housing managers.

The WDTRO also have there own separate website which they keep out up to date with minutes and meeting dates

They can also be contacted through their secretary, Harry McCormack (Tullichewan TRA) at