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Citizen Satisfaction & Performance

Maintenance & Repairs values the feedback received from our Council Tenants and to help us continually improve the Housing Repairs Service we would like to receive as much feedback as possible.

Satisfaction Surveys

If you have recently used the repairs service you will receive a receipt detailing the job raised, the appointment date if applicable and the target date for completion.

This receipt gives you the opportunity to provide us with feedback on completion of the repair. All you need to do is tear off the section at the bottom of the slip, answer the  questions and add your comments if required.  This gives us some valuable feedback and we ask you to take the time to complete and return.

Telephone Surveys

We may also contact you by telephone to take part in a Citizen Satisfaction Survey, we can these calls during the day, early evening or at the weekend and the survey will only take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Citizen Satisfaction Feedback 2016-17

We received a total of 671 postal surveys & made 1044 customer telephone surveys during between April 16 to March 17, 93.5% were satisfied with the overall repairs service received (39% Very Satisfied, 55% satisfied, 3% neither/nor, 4% dissatisfied)

Repairs Performance 2016-17

  • Total Repairs Complete, 36,396, 92% within Target.
  • Average Length of Time to complete Emergency Repairs, 3 hrs 54 minutes
  • Average Length of Time to complete Non Emergency Repairs, 7.17 Days

Customer Satisfaction Feedback 2015-16

We received a total of 858 postal surveys & made 1431 customer telephone surveys financial year April 15 to March 16, 93.1% were satisfied with the overall repairs service received.  (43% Very Satisfied, 50% Satisfied, 2% Neither/Nor, 5% Dissatisfied)

We also engaged an external provider in Feb/March 2016 to carry out a full extensive survey of the service where 800 Tenants were able to provide feedback and views of the service, we use all the information to help improve our service.

Repairs Performance 2015-16

  • Total Repairs Complete, 41,261, 95.3% within Target.
  • Average Length of Time to complete Emergency Repairs, 3 hrs 48 minutes
  • Average Length of Time to complete Non Emergency Repairs, 10.58 Days

Previous years telephone survey results