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This work stream will focus on the provision of loft insulation and loft insulation top up as identified and recommended from the housing stock condition survey and appropriate council officer referrals. These works will be carried out by our in house team.

Loft insulation works by reducing the amount of heat lost from your roof – reducing the amount of fuel you need to burn for heating and saving you money.

When your home is heated, a lot of that heat escapes through your roof. Laying loft insulation in your loft reduces the amount of heat that passes through your ceilings and escapes through your roof – it traps the heat inside the rooms below the loft, meaning that the air you heat stays in your home for longer. This means that you have to heat your home less to achieve the same temperature in your rooms, saving energy and money. The thicker your loft insulation is, the more effective it will be at retaining the heat you produce – an insulation depth of 270mm is recommended.

If your address is listed below

  • We will contact you by letter and invite you to call us to arrange a fitting date. If you are elderly or infirm we can offer assistance, if required. Please discuss this with the staff member taking your call.
  • You can also get in touch with us using the form below to arrange for us to contact you to arrange a survey.

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If your address is not on the list

  • If your address does not appear on this list but you know your loft insulation falls below the recommended 270mm in depth and you would like a top up please contact us on 01389 772084.

These addresses are what we plan to carry out through our Capital Upgrade Programme this coming year. All programmes may be adversely effected by means beyond our control such as no access and in certain cases inclement weather.

2018/19 Programme

Loft Insulation
House Street Area Post code Progress
3 Cameron Drive Alexandria G83 0JU  
42 Cables Drive Alexandria G83 9EN  
46 Cables Drive Alexandria G83 9EN  
31 Golfhill Drive Alexandria G83 9ER  
16 Napierston Road Alexandria G83 9EW  
66 Napierston Road Alexandria G83 9EP  
16 Northfield Road Alexandria G83 9EU  
28 Northfield Road Alexandria  G83 9EU  
9 Sandbank Crescent Alexandria G83 9BN  
10 Third Avenue Alexandria G83 9BJ  
16 Third Avenue Alexandria G83 9BJ  
23 Third Avenue Alexandria G83 9BJ  
27 Third Avenue Alexandria G83 9BJ  
32 Woodside Crescent Alexandria G83 9EX  
24/4 Back Street Alexandria G82 4NF  
16 Tontine Crescent Alexandria G82 4LN  
15 Ellisland Avenue Clydebank G81 2BZ  
32 Hood Street Clydebank G81 2LU  
92 Roman Crescent Clydebank G60 5JU  
4/4 Angus Street Clydebank G83 0SY  
161 Barns Street Clydebank G81 1HL  
80 Wood Quadrant Clydebank G81 1AP  
21 Abbott Crescent Clydebank G81 1AA  
36 Abbott Crescent Clydebank G81 1AA  
32 Sinclair Street Clydebank G81 1AE  
4 Glencairn Road Dumbarton G82 4DJ  
42 Caledonia Terrace Dumbarton G82 4DZ  
38a  Cardross Road Dumbarton  G82 4JG  
11 Firthview Terrace Dumbarton  G82 4DS  
1 Glencairn Road Dumbarton  G82 4DN  
7 Glencairn Road Dumbarton  G82 4DN  
30 Glencairn Road Dumbarton  G82 4DL  
57 Glencairn Road Dumbarton G82 4DW  
79 Glencairn Road Dumbarton G82 4DP  
21 Keil Crescent Dumbarton G82 4DU  
48 Keil Crescent Dumbarton G82 4DX  
42 Keil Crescent Dumbarton G82 4DX  
11 Napier Crescent Dumbarton G82 4EB  
18 Napier Crescent Dumbarton  G82 4EB  
23 Napier Crescent Dumbarton G82 4EB  
66 Napier Crescent Dumbarton G82 4ED  
74 Napier Crescent Dumbarton G82 4EE  
220 Crosslet Road Dumbarton G82 2LW