Do you wish you could feel more confident to move forward in your life and make positive changes?

Our First Steps programme is designed to support you to make the first move towards making some positive life changes.  We all lack confidence sometimes but if you feel this holds you back then a confidence building course many be the answer.

  • Inspire – A gentle 6 week introductory taster course, which will look at confidence skills, health, wellbeing and other learning opportunities within the area.
  • STEPS to Excellence - Want to Increase your self-esteem and improve your motivation? Why not try our new STEPS to Excellence course? STEPS to Excellence Is a personal development programme which has earned a reputation as a powerful tool for participants to improve their levels of motivation and self-esteem, as well as giving them the confidence to deal with change. It gives people an opportunity to take a fresh look at their lives and see how much they are capable of achieving, together with the tools to make it happen

Programmes can be developed around the needs of the school and families.

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