Promoting Acts of Kindness

Leading up to World Kindness day on 13 November 2021, West Dunbartonshire Council Communities Team and partners have started a new initiative to promote kindness in communities and workplaces across West Dunbartonshire.

There is already a lot of kindness happening in our communities especially since the pandemic in the last couple of years. During June to September 2021 we carried out over 368 surveys, these were done both in person and online. There was overwhelming support for an initiative around kindness in West Dunbartonshire and many people wishing to get involved in promoting this.

We would like to encourage local citizens to carry out acts of kindness, or perhaps in many cases to recognise what they are already doing as and act of kindness. We are working with schools, libraries, community groups and partner organisations.

There are many things you can do as an act of kindness and we would ask everyone to see if they can tick some activities off and notice the benefits of kindness and the difference it can make.