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Tuesday 24 November ( 14:00 - 16:00 )

virtual meeting on zoom

The rent setting consultation will begin at a virtual zoom meeting on Tuesday 24 November at 2PM when Peter Barry ( Strategic Lead for Housing) and Janice Rainey (Finance Manager) will set out Housing Services rent options for tenants to consider. If you would like to be present then please get in touch for the zoom link.

This is a critical decision that affects all tenants so please get involved and have your say.

Following the meeting on Tuesday, tenants will be able to vote for their preferred rent option through an online survey, by returning a free-post voting card that will be sent to all tenants as well as texting options.

We will also make the information presented at the meeting available on the Council’s website and paper copies can be made by contacting Jane Mack on 0798 354 2993 or by email to

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