21st Century Women

Prior to the 1960’s, women artists had little opportunity to show their work other than in annual mixed exhibitions, however in 1969 Compass Gallery was founded to promote the work of contemporary artists, giving many women their first opportunity to have solo exhibitions. Often their varied, sometimes life-challenging life experiences and their strong emotional thoughts enrich their images.

This exhibition presents a small selection of some of the talented contemporary women artists who have had solo exhibitions in Compass Gallery over the past 50 years. It focuses on painters, but there are hundreds more who have trained and are practising artists, not just in the traditionally feminine applied arts but in the field of sculpture, printmaking and other media.

Today contemporary women artists are thriving with increasing opportunities for them to express themselves, develop and exhibit their work. They will often have to juggle balancing the complexities of life choices whilst seeking out that precious time needed to gather inspiration and find time in their studio to paint. All the women artists in this show are totally committed, some now have very established careers, and some just beginning their journey. All have been generous enough to share their individual and private thoughts with us, the onlookers.


  • Admission to this exhibition is Free 
  • Works for sale 


Backdoor Gallery
Dalmuir Library
3 Lennox Place
Dalmuir G81 4HR  


Opening times 

  • Monday 9:30am - 5:00pm
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