Want to watch the world’s best cyclists take on Scotland’s roads? Here’s everything you need to know about Road Racing.


The rules of the road are simple: fastest wins.

But a rainbow jersey winning time comes down to more than just raw RPM. Pace setting, strategically timed attacks and gutsy breakaways will separate the race leaders from the pack on the high-speed hills, thrills and spills of Scotland’s most challenging roads.

How It Works

The Road Race pits riders against each other in an all-out battle for supremacy of Scotland’s roads. 

Even though there’s plenty of riders to form the peloton - where you’ll see riders “drafting”, which means following the lead rider for an aerodynamic advantage. Mental toughness is mandatory and mistakes made can be immediately punished.

While this is a team sport, there’s only one rainbow jersey up for grabs - who will come out on top will be decided on the roads between Edinburgh and Glasgow, and the Glasgow circuit.