Gymnastics Participants

  • All footwear including socks must be removed before using the equipment
  • All jewellery and accessories must be removed. Studded earrings are permitted
  • All personal belongings should be stored in the changing room lockers, or in the area provided within the gymnastics hall
  • No food or drink is permitted on the equipment. Please store water/drinks and snacks alongside personal belongings in the dedicated area in the gym
  • All hair must be tied or clipped back
  • Participants should not leave the facility until a responsible adult over the age of 16 has collected them
  • Participants must ask a coach for permission to attend the toilet
  • Participants should report to the waiting area until a member of the coaching team collects them for their session
  • No photographs or videos are permitted to be taken during a closed training session/ class at any time without permission of the centre staff Responsible.

Person / Coach

  • Coaches should make participants aware of the participant/gymnast rules before using the equipment
  • During training sessions, coaches should ensure that the equipment is used appropriately
  • The equipment should be returned to the original set up. Please see the pictures within the gym for guidance
  • Please ensure no outdoor footwear is worn on the equipment. Socks only
  • All drinks and snacks should not be consumed on the equipment area. Please use the dedicated area within the gym
  • Please ensure all belonging are collected before the participants leave the facility
  • Please ensure the waiting area, kitchen area and toilets are left in a clean and tidy condition after use
  • Coaches and participants are permitted within the equipment area. All other spectators should wait in the waiting area out with the gymnastics hall
  • Please report any damage or concerns regarding the equipment to the on-site member of staff.