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Public Consultation

West Dunbartonshire Leisure is committed to finding out about the views and issues that affect our local community to develop and improve the range of services we provide within our Leisure Centres and Community Facilities. By having a clear understanding of the issues that affect our community, we can focus on tailoring our services to meet the needs of all. 

West Dunbartonshire Leisure carries out a number of methods to engage with both users and non-users. These include:-

  • Citizen satisfaction surveys
  • Managers hot desks
  • Citizen forums
  • Sports club forums
  • Questionnaires
  • Online surveys

You can download the results of the consultation exercises that have taken place.

Net Promoter Score Report - June 2013  (pdf doc 274kb)

Net Promoter Score Report - January 2014  (pdf doc 458kb)