Computers the Next Step

8 Weeks course 2 hours per week. FREE of charge

If you are no longer an absolute beginner and you’ve picked up some experience of using the computer but you want to learn more about computers without necessarily choosing a particular topic like Word Processing or Spreadsheets. Then this eight week course could be for you!

You will learn from a broad range of topics some of which we’ll skim the surface others we will look at in more depth.

All of our Quest courses are flexible and student-driven, however the following areas will be covered on the course:

  • File Management and using Windows Explorer
  • Using flash drives, external drives and creating backups
  • Copying, cutting and pasting
  • Get familiar with the computers Control Panel
  • Using a Scanner and sending attachments by email
  • TV and radio on the net and using YouTube and other media streaming sites.
  • Introduction to social media
  • Advanced Searching of the net
  • Burning CDs and DVDs
  • Awareness of threats on line and recognising the hoaxes.

Where and When

For information on dates, times and locations, please see our latest Quest timetable

Applying for a course

You can apply online or in any of our public libraries