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This year there’s something peculiar going on at your local library….

Mysterious Happenings in the library! 

The 2017 Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge returns as Animal Agents, and is illustrated by UK best-selling children’s illustrator Tony Ross.  Animal Agents encourages children to employ detective skills to help solve a mystery, while reading their personal choice of library books.  

The Tesco Bank Summer Reading Challenge? 

For every book they read they will be given a collector’s sticker to help them solve the animal detectives’ mystery, as well as other incentives and goodies along the way.  Participants who complete the Challenge by borrowing and reading a minimum of six library books will receive a certificate and medal that will be sent to their school to be presented at a special assembly. 

This year will also see the return of the West Dunbartonshire Summer Reading Challenge Champions competition for local primary schools, with the award going to the school producing the highest completion rate per capita. Last year’s inaugural award went to Christie Park Primary in Alexandria;

Who will scoop the title for 2017?

Who can participate?

All primary aged children are eligible to take part, and younger siblings can also participate through our Bookbug Reading Challenge.  The Challenge will commence on Saturday 24 June and will run throughout the summer holidays at all West Dunbartonshire libraries.

Children can register at any West Dunbartonshire library and will receive an Animal Agents collector’s folder

If you haven’t already joined the library, it’s quick and easy to do so, just ask in any branch for more information.

Along the way you’ll meet...


Bart the Bloodhound - Bart may not be a young pup any more, but his skill for sniffing out clues is as sharp as ever. When his tail starts to wag, you know Bart is on the trail of something worth investigating!



Daisy the Rabbit - Daisy is keen to be a top detective and she has great record of busting bad guys!

With her super speedy chair, Daisy is the agent to call when it comes to keeping tabs on suspects who might try to make a break for it.



Bernice the Brown Bear - The boss of the Animal Agency; she’s super smart and great at taking charge.  You’ll never find Bernice without her detective’s notebook, which she uses to stay on top of suspects and collect key evidence. Bernice keeps the Animal Agents team organised so they can work together to crack crimes – she’ll always make sure there’s time for a honey break too!



Snake twins Slip and Slide – This detective duo they can slither into tight spaces so they’re great at going undercover.  These guys aren’t afraid of asking tough questions to get to the truth, and even the sneakiest suspects are no match for the snake twins’ hypnotic gaze.

Join in and help these super sleuths follow the clues and solve the crime.

Other events 

Our libraries will be having an extensive Summer programme of events to support the Animal Agents Summer Reading Challenge.  Please contact your local library for further details of these events and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for latest events and updates.


undefined Visit the official 'Animal Agent' Summer Reading Challenge site