The Gadgeteers

The sun’s out and the holidays are here, so it’s time to get excited - you guessed it, it’s Summer Reading Challenge time!

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Running from the 25 June to 2 September 2022, the Summer Reading Challenge is an annual, national event aimed at 4 – 11 year olds where children are encouraged to borrow and read six (or more) library books of their choice during the summer holidays. We’re delighted to be running the challenge again this year and can’t wait to see you in our libraries!

This year’s theme is Gadgeteers – teaming up with the Science Museum Group, the Reading Agency have created a very special challenge that focuses on science, technology, innovation and discovery. Gadgeteers will feature amazing books, awesome rewards, and plenty of ideas for cool experiments and activities to discover the science all around you.

How does the challenge work?

  • Sign up for the Challenge at your local library and receive your Gadgeteers poster. Remember to include your school name on the registration form so you can help them win the SRC Championship 2022!
  • Borrow and read six (or more) library books. These can be borrowed from our libraries or from our online collection:
  • Any and all library books, including audiobooks, picture books, comics & graphic novels, eBooks & eAudiobooks, count towards the challenge.
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  • After reading and returning each book you will receive a sticker to add to your Gadgeteers poster, and other incentives along the way.
  • Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a medal and certificate.

Summer Reading Challenge website

The Summer Reading Challenge website offers awesome games, competitions, books reviews and Book Sorter to help you choose your next read.

Summer Reading Challenge video

Our Schools and Literacy Librarian, Alison Crawford tells us a bit more about this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Summer Reading Challenge Championship:

You can help your school become West Dunbartonshire Libraries’ Summer Reading Challenge champions 2022, simply by completing the challenge. The West Dunbartonshire Council primary school with the highest challenge completion rate per school roll will receive a beautiful trophy, fabulous STEM books, and a special prize for their school, so get borrowing today!

Other activities:

Also look out for some family friendly, free, fantastic Gadgeteers events and activities taking place in our libraries over the summer holidays. Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates.

Library membership:

If you’re not currently a library member, have lost your card, or can’t remember if you’ve joined the library before it’s not a problem at all, simply drop into your local library and ask the staff there. They’ll get you signed up and you can enjoy the many benefits of library membership while you take part in the Summer Reading Challenge.

Most importantly:

The Summer Reading Challenge is a free, enjoyable, child-focused way to encourage reading beyond school, and most importantly it should be fun. So pick whatever books you want, don’t worry about what anyone else is reading, and just enjoy it!

The Gadgeteers’ story

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge is all about science and innovation!

Our six fictional characters, the Gadgeteers, love creating new inventions and working together to solve problems. They spend their days using their curiosity, creativity and innovation to come up with lots of awesome inventions.

Children taking part in the Challenge via the Summer Reading Challenge website will unlock activities and virtual reward badges as they work towards completing their personal reading goal. Children can sign up for a website profile which will allow them to rate and review their Challenge reads, collect rewards, and access fun activity sheets, competitions, polls and videos.

Image of Gadgeteer Aisha

The Gadgeteers Character guide

Aisha loves sport, especially football and skateboarding. Her special skill is teamwork – she knows how to get everyone working together to make a difference! Aisha is teaching her friend to skateboard before the party, and is making safety gear out of non-Newtonian fluid. Aisha likes listening to audiobooks.



Image of Gadgeteer Maggie

Maggie (Magi in Welsh) likes to cook tasty treats for her friends, and she hates wasting food. She wants to turn vegetable scraps into tasty treats for the party! Her special skill is experimentation – she always wants to try new things! Maggie wears her sensory headphones when visiting new places or if things get too loud. Maggie loves fantasy books and sci-fi.



Image of Gadgeteer James

James (Jâms in Welsh) loves fashion and enjoys drawing. His super skill is imagination – he’s always coming up with new ideas! James is helping people choose clothes for the party. What will his amazing hologram generator pick this time? James’ favourite books are adventure stories.




Image of Gadgeteer Leo

Leo (Llew in Welsh) is obsessed with music! He’s even learning to play the drums with his older sister. His special skill is communication – he’s great at explaining things to his friends and listening to their ideas. Leo has found a handy way to amplify the sound from his phone to provide music for the party. Leo loves reading poems.



Image of Gadgeteer Eddie

Eddie loves to play games and dance. Her special skill is problem solving – there’s no puzzle too big to solve! This comes in handy at the party when Eddie wants to use everyone’s cool dance moves to generate energy. What will happen if we put kinetic tiles on the dance floor? Eddie really enjoys reading about famous inventors.




Image of Gadgeteer Ajay

Ajay knows a lot about gardening and the environment. He is even growing food for the party, and has created a way to grow vegetables with very little soil! Ajay’s super skill is perseverance – he never gives up on a project. Ajay loves comics, manga, and graphic novels.