1. What to submit?
  2. Registering an enquiry
  3. Responses
  4. Further Information
  5. Pre-Application Advice Request Form

1. What to submit?

Please complete the pre-application enquiry forms with other supporting documents and drawings attached.

We require the following information to process your enquiry:

  1. Your name
  2. The address or detailed description of the site (including co-ordinates) and a location plan
  3. Your email address
  4. A description of your development

We suggest that you also submit the following information:

  • A site plan at a scale of not less than 1:2500, or a plan marked with clear metric measurements;
  • If you propose building works, a sketch of the proposal, to scale or with metric measurements (height, width, length, distance from boundaries etc);
  • If you propose a change of use, details of the existing and proposed uses; and
  • Photographs and any other additional information that will help us with your proposal 
  • We recommend that you seek assistance and help from an architect or planning consultant who could make the pre-application enquiry on your behalf, but this is not always necessary.