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The Zero Waste Plan

Scotland's Zero Waste Plan sets out the Scottish Government's vision for a zero waste society where waste is kept to a minimum and is seen as a valuable resource. West Dunbartonshire Council aims to prevent waste from being created and we encourage the reuse and recycle of goods and materials as much as possible.  

The Scottish Government have set recycling targets that every council needs to meet. By 2013 we need to recycle 50% of our waste and by 2025 we need to recycle 70% and be sending only 5% of our waste to landfill sites.

Recycling saves natural resources and energy

When we recycle used materials, they are turned into new products which reduce the need to use more natural resources. If we don't recycle, we use up more and more raw materials from the Earth, through mining and forestry, which also uses up more energy. So recycling protects natural habitats for the future and cuts down on our energy use.

Recycling helps protect the environment

When we use fewer natural resources we also reduce air and water pollution from processes such as mining, quarrying and logging. Also as recycling uses less energy then it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions which helps to tackle climate change. Recycling in the UK at the moment saves around 18 million tonnes of C02 a year which is the same as taking 5 million cars off the road. When waste breaks down at landfill sites it produces greenhouse gases so less waste sent to landfill also helps tackle climate change. Find out more at Zero Waste Scotland.