Are you an expectant mother?

We have a real problem with disposable nappies in our landfill sites. There are too many disposable nappies going to landfill giving off harmful gases and we do not know how long they will take to break down and biodegrade.

You can help us to reduce the amount of nappies we send to landfill by using reusable nappies instead of disposable nappies. Only a generation ago every mum used reusable nappies but times have moved on from big terry towelling nappies and large safety pins. Reusable nappies nowadays look just like disposable nappies with velcro fastenings and attractive outer shells.

To help you move over to real nappies we offer a voucher, in conjunction with Tots Bots, towards a starter pack which will give you everything you need to get started including 10 nappies, waterproofs, liners and laundry mesh. This will also cut down your costs on weekly nappy bills and help you to reduce the amount of waste you are putting in your landfill bin.

To apply for a Reusable Nappy Voucher pack

If your baby has already been born you can still apply and a nappy pack will be sent to you relating to the weight of your baby.